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4th Phuket International Soccer 7s Tournament, 25 and 26 November 2006

The one and only Phuket International Soccer 7s will celebrate its 4th anniversary this year.



2006 HotelTravel Phuket Soccer 7s (25 & 26 November)
The one and only Phuket International Soccer 7s will celebrate its 4th anniversary this year. This tournament is now one of the largest in South East Asia. With categories for both Open and Masters (over 35 years) there is something for everyone. This tournament is an invitation tournament that provides a socially competitive environment for players who approach the game with the right attitude and in the right spirit. With no prize money at stake, teams take part for one reason only, their love of soccer.

Open category


There will be three (3) groups of 4 teams and two group of five (5). The top five teams and the three best 2nd placed team will contest the Cup. The two remaining 2nd placed teams, the five (5) 3rd placed teams plus the best 4th place team will contest the plate. The remaining six teams will contest the bowl.
Cup Rounds
The 8 teams qualified for the cup will go into a random draw for the final games.
Plate rounds
The 8 teams qualified for the plate will go into a random draw for the final games.
Bowl Rounds
The two top remaining fourth placed team will automatically qualify for the bowl semi final. The remaining 4th placed teams will play a fifth placed team in the bowl final.

Please note: When determining the final table for groups D and E the results of the last placed teams will be ignored and a new table will be determined.

Open Groups

A1 U-Team
A2 Baya Beach
A3 Lions FC
A4 RBSC Polo


B1 Les Gaulois JVK Movers
B2 Bayon Wanderers
B3 Scandinavian Vikings
B4 Taichung Compass

C1 Boca Seniors
C2 GAS Singapore
C3 Shanghai Krauts
C4 One Night Stand Singapore

D1 Calcutta C & F
D2 Tokyo Hibernian
D3 GAS Bangkok
D4 Phuket Morning Stars
D5 Orchard Rovers

E2 Racing FC
E3 Wembley Downs
E4 Khana Omalleys
E5 Kanto Celts


Masters category

There will be four (4) groups of 4 teams. The top 2 in each group will contest the Cup & Plate. The bottom 2 in each group will contest the Bowl.
Cup Rounds
Top in one group will play 2nd placed in another group. Winners will go through to Cup semi finals, losers to plate semi finals.
Bowl Rounds
3rd placed team in one group will play 4th placed team in another group. Winners will go through to bowl semi final. Loser will be eliminated.

Masters Groups


F1 Calcutta C & FC
F2 Soccer Experience Penang
F3 Bayon Wanderers
F4 Vikings Tropical


G1 Soccer Experience Masters
G2 Bangkok Cosmos
G3 Taiwan Mongrels
G4 Up2Yu FC

H1 Team Bondi
H2 Malaysian Grasshoppers
H3 Xu Fu Jiu
H4 Do It

I1 HK Dynamic
I2 KL Misfits
I3 Hanoi Drink Team
I4 Phuket Academicals


Draw Day One (Saturday 25 November)

This draw has been done generally at random. Some teams have been seeded as a result of past tournaments.
It is designed so that teams are not stuck at the field all day on the first day. Where possible all your pool games should be completed in a 3 hour period.
My apologies to those who were drawn for the early morning games.

830 U-Team v Baya Beach / Kanto Celts v Racing FC
847 Lions FC v RBSC Polo / Wembley Downs v Khana O'Malleys
904 JVK Movers v Bayon Wanderers / Orchard Rovers v Tokyo Hibernian
921 Scandinavian Vikings v Taichung Compass / GAS Bangkok v Phuket Morning Stars
938 Lions FC v U-Team / RBSC v Kanto Celts
955 RBSC Polo v Baya Beach / Racing FC v Khana O'Malleys
1012 Scandinavian Vikings v JVK Movers / Calcutta C & FC v Orchard Rovers
1029 Taichung Compass v Bayon Wanderers / Tokyo Hibernian v Phuket Morning Stars
1046 U-Team v RBSC Polo / RBSC v Khana O'Malleys
1103 Baya Beach v Lions FC / Racing FC v Wembley Downs
1120 JVK Movers v Taichung Compass / Calcutta C & FC v Phuket Morning Stars
1137 Bayon Wanderers v Scandinavian Vikings / Tokyo Hibernian v GAS Bangkok
1154 Boca Seniors v GAS Singapore / RBSC v Wembley Downs
1211 Shanghai Krauts v One Night Stand / Khana O'Malleys v Kanto Celts
1228 Soccer Experience Masters v Bangkok Cosmos / Calcutta C & FC v GAS Bangkok
1245 Taiwan Mongrels v UP2Yu FC / Phuket Morning Stars v Orchard Rovers
1302 Shanghai Krauts v Boca Seniors / RBSC v Racing FC
1319 One Night Stand v GAS Singapore / Wembley Downs v Kanto Celts
1336 Calcutta C & FC v Soccer Experience Penang / Calcutta C & FC v Tokyo Hibernian
1353 Bayon Wanderers v Vikings Tropical / GAS Bangkok v Orchard Rovers
1410 Taiwan Mongrels v Soccer Experience Masters / HK Dynamic v KL Misfits
1427 UP2Yu FC v Bangkok Cosmos / Hanoi Drink Team v Phuket Academicals
1444 Boca Seniors v One Night Stand / Team Bondi v Malaysian Grasshoppers
1501 GAS Singapore v Shanghai Krauts / Xu Fu Jiu v Do It / ISCI
1518 Bayon Wanderers v Calcutta C & FC / Hanoi Drink Team v HK Dynamic
1535 Vikings Tropical v Soccer Experience Penang / Phuket Academicals v KL Misfits
1552 Soccer Experience Masters v UP2Yu FC / Xu Fu Jiu v Team Bondi
1609 Bangkok Cosmos v Taiwan Mongrels / Do It / ISCI v Malaysian Grasshoppers
1626 Calcutta C & FC v Vikings Tropical / HK Dynamic v Phuket Academicals
1643 Soccer Experience Penang v Bayon Wanderers / KL Misfits v Hanoi Drink Team
1700 Malaysian Grasshoppers v Xu Fu Jiu / Team Bondi v Do It / ISCI

Day two draw will be done once the positions in you pool games have been determined.


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