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3Nation Charity Ride 2006

3 Nation Charity Ride 2006 organized by Team Hanuman, Who are a group who loves big bikes in Hat Yai, and near by areas, Have got together with bikers from Malaysia and Singapore for an annual Charity event which goes by the name "3 Nation Charity Ride" which is organized by different a team every year from these 3 Nation this year Thailand is the Hosting country.



Team Hanuman have got together with Phuket Riders Club to hold the event in Phuket using the Royal Phuket City Hotel and Saphan Hin on 17-18 November 2006. The objectives are

1. Donations and Proffer given to needy schools or projects this year donations will be made to..
- Making a medical room in Tuplamo school, umphur Taimuang, Phang-nga.
- help to build a pre school at Taplamu Navy base.
- Scholarship fund for Taplamu school, Taimuang Phang-nga.
- Donations for food at the Animal center.
- Money for treat a harelip at Songklanakarin hospital
- Make a way side shelter near Thachatchai in Phuket.
2. To raise awarness about tourism in Phuket and Phang-nga, and neighboring provinces.
3. Promote riding saftey and laws.
4. Anti drugs awareness.


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