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Pop up Blockers & Email Trouble

Question : I installed a pop-up blocker, but now I can't get my web-based email. Do I need to uninstall the program?

Answer: This is one of those cases of something working "too good". A popup blocker kills any JavaScript that tries to open, and will prevent new windows from opening, for instance, when you click on a link that comes up in a new window. Sometimes it can even prevent you from logging on to your ISP or cause Netscape not to open if Internet Explorer is up.

The good news is that you can temporarily bypass most popup blockers by holding down the Shift or Control key when you click a link.

As for this email problem: with AOL, CompuServe, and other web-based email, when you click to read a message it opens a new window or performs a JavaScript to open the mail. Your popup blocker interprets this as a hostile action and prevents it. All you can really do is disable the popup blocker until you are done reading your email.

With most PU blockers, this can easily be done from your System Tray . Since You can use any suitable program for you to mange it.

ѹ 28 - 05 - 2006  

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