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Clear History and Temporary Internet Files.

We all want privacyâ€â especially when using the internet. Not that you're visiting questionable sites, but who wants snoopy co-workers or nosey family members tracing their steps through cyberspace? With the click of a toolbar button (or Ctrl+H) your browsing history will be on display for all to see. Want to avoid this? Whether you use Internet Explorer or Netscape, here's what you can do...

To clear out the History with Internet Explorer, hit the Tools/Internet Options. On the General tab, you'll see a History area. Click the "Clear History" button and you're all set.

Notice that next to the "Clear History" button there's a box with a number in it. You can use it to set how many days something stays in History from 0 to 99. By selecting 1 it will delete your History every day so if you forget to clear, you're tracks are covered.

For Netscape, go to Edit/Preferences. Under the "Navigator" section, you'll see a History section. Hit the "Clear History" button and you're all set.

You can adjust how long your History files last. If you want them cleared out every week, just set it to seven days. Want it cleared daily? Then set it to one.

But History isn't the only place where you're vulnerable. As you surf the web, every page, every graphic, cookie, etc. is saved in your temporary internet files. Why is this? Well, for one, if you visit a page often it brings up the files from the cache rather than getting them online, thus making the page appear quicker. Someone could go to this folder and view the cached pages if they knew how. The good news is that you can dump them.

If you regularly run Disk Cleanup, then the Temporary Internet Files will be emptied in the process. Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools . DC looks for files you don't need then displays them. Make sure that "temporary Internet Files" is selected then click OK

If you just want to remove temp files, with Internet Explorer you go to Tools/Internet Options, then under "Temporary Internet Files" click the "Delete Files" button.

With Netscape go to Edit/Preferences and click the "Advanced" arrow. Select "cache" and you'll see buttons to clear Memory Cache and Disk Cache.

There are also software programs like â€ÅInternet Cleanup â€Åthat will empty your temp files automatically and monitor your cookies, only allowing in those cookies that you specify.

In addition, clearing out your Temporary Internet files saves space and increases security. Also, if your temp file gets too full you'll find that when you try to save a JPEG it will only save as a bitmap.

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