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Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 by IE remove 1.4

1. Normally uninstall Explorer4.0 program from windows 98 due to Internet Explorer program is include in windows 98. You can go to Control Panel / Add/Remove program to click for Internet Explorer4.0
2. It has specify program to install Internet Explorer , IE Remove 1.4
3. Before uninstall , close Internet Explorer4.0 program.
4. It will show the window as the figure after double click IEremove1.4.exe icon for specify
5. Program will unzip your files , when it finish will show as a figure then click OK. To continue.
6. After click OK, you will get 2 files to install Internet Explorer 4.0
7. Right click at IERemove.inf and select Install
8. Program will show uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0
9. Some computer, might have warning as a figure. Click Yes to continue.
10. Program will ask for Windows 95/98 CD-Rom, specify directory that store CAB file for example : c:win98th. Click OK to continue.
11. Program will start to uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0. Have to restart 1 time after uninstalling.

ѹ 31 - 05 - 2006  

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