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"To Lock Toolbars at Internet Explorer 6.x"

1. Internet Explorer 6.0 can protect removing of Toolbars by click at View/Toolbars and select at Lock the Toolbars option or right click on Toolbars and select at Lock the Toolbars.
2. You can cancle this option by unchecking the mark at Lock the Toolbars.
3. Select View History in Internet Explorer 6.x
4. Normally, If you want to know that which website you opened in reach day. You can click History which is on left side of webbrowser to see them.
5. You can select backwards website that you ever access such as 2 weeks ago, last week, or current date by select date.
6. Its show website icon file with URL when you select URL the website is open.
7. If you want to select view, you can click view, Its show website sort by date or frequently website. Or you can fine it by click search for and then search now. It will show report immediately.

ѹ 02 - 06 - 2006  

Internet Tips ͧ  
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