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Technic for using , and w for dial-up networking

Some company have problem with PABX. Some are old PABX so when press 9 it takes a long time to get dial-tone. Sometime modem dial the KSC number already but dont get the dial tone yet. The customer always asks what the different between , and w

1. W (Capital letter) or w (small letter) are the same meaning
2. w will wait until get properly dial tone but , (comma) will wait for 2 seconds each one.
3. If want to wait for 4 seconds, put comma 2 times for example : 9,,9988700
4. Some modem (from Japan) can not put w but put , (comma) instead.
5. Some dial-tone have strange sound if put w modem wont dial because it will wait for the tone to dial. Put , instead.
6.Sometime putting w can check for dial tone. If theres no dial tone. The modem wont dial. If want to test should use with the modem that has sound because the customer can hear the different sound between putting w and ,.

ѹ 03 - 06 - 2006  

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