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If I would like to use Internet telephony or VoIP (Voice over IP), what should I do?

Nowadays, making calls through Internet or VoIP (Voice over IP) becomes more common as mor supporting devices and software such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN, or Yahoo! Messenger to make computer-to-computer call and talk with other users who are using the same software or compatible software. For good quality of voice, installation of special microphone and speaker for this application is recommended. However, in case of a company that needs to use VoIP by using telephone, the IP Phone is needed. An IP Phone looks similar to a regular desktop phone but it can connect with both PSTN and Internet. To connect VoIP with the company's PABX and desktop phone, VoIP Gateway is required as it has FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) port to connect with PABX and FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) port to connect with desktop phone. Another important thing to consider is the interoperability of standard and protocol at both ends. At present, 2 major standards are in use-H.323 and SIP. However, it is expected that SIP will be widely used in the future. In summary, aspects related to VoIP are as follows :

  • For individual users, the use of softphone is recommended while for corporate users, the use of VoIP Gateway is recommended.
  • If connected to PABX, choose the VoIP Gateway that has FXO or FXS as appropriate.
  • Use interoperable standard such as SIP.
  • Bandwidth per 1 line should be enough to allow incoming call. If the bandwidth is not enough, the caller will hear either busy signal or no answer signal all the time.
  • If the SIP standard is used and a fix number is assigned by your service provider, it is recommended that you check whether the number can be used to connect with other SIP Servers or whether it is the number designed to use among users under the same provider.
  • If an international call is made, user has to pay for International Gateway service. Each service provider charges different rates for this service. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand their terms and conditions prior to making decision.

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