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How to transfer a large file to recipient through Internet ?

Most users are normally familiar with file transfer through emails. Nevertheless, sometimes when a file is larger than 10 MB. or 100 MB. , file transfer via this channel become a difficulty for both sender and receiver as the amil system is limited by disk quota. When a large file is sent to several users at a certain destination server at the same time, there may be a problem with the receiving server which causes inability to receive that mail message. Most importantly, the "connection timeout" problem may occur if the e-mail servers are not in the some network and the user may be required to try sending that e-mail again.

This problem can be solved by sending files through file transferring services available on the Internet. The user may upload files through service provider's website. Upon uploading, the system will send the hyperlink to the intended recipient by e-mail so that the recipient can follow the link and download that file through the provider's website. This technique dose not only prevent the problem, but can also be considered a quick and convenient way to transfer the file. Moreover, the recipient can even use download manager software which supports download resuming in case the download was interrupted. Popular websites which currently provide the service are You Sent It (, Drop load (, Send this File (, Steam Load (, Put File ( and ZUpload (

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