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What is RSS Technology ?

RSS - - a standard for news publicationand syndication on websites

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a protocol for drawing only necessary properties of information from website by using XML. Unnecessary properties include text property, color, layout, and picture. XML is a language working under HTTP protocol. With HTML, properties of text , color, table, picture, and layout are defined. XML, on the other hand, focuses more on data or information display.

At present, RSS is widely applied among thousands of websites and web blogs which are mainly for providing news. An example of widely known RSS service is RSS Feed which provides subscribers information from a certain website such as Reuters, CNN, BBC, Yanoo, Google and others. RSS deisplays only data while layout and color will be ignored. This particulay feature of RSS creates convenience of aggregating data for other purposes. For example, using RSS files, you can create a data feed that supplies headlines, links and articles on a new website which contains only required news categories. News data will be dynamically changed according to the updates from original website. In an online shopping website where online catalog is available, if the online catalog is created as RSS files, their dealers will not have to check for price or promotion updates and modify them in their own sites. They can simply aggregate RSS feeds into preferred display format on their own websites. When there is any update on original website, the data on dealer's site will be automatically changed. Most RSS has a standard format which includes title, date and time, short description, and link to more details. The latest item will appear on the topmost according to the following example.

Title : KSC Special Prizes for Marathon Net Surfer by End of This Year
Description : KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd., has launched a big thank you campaign especially for marathon Net surfers, offering special prizes for KSC users with the highest Internet usage in each month and KSC users of more than 100 Internet hours, from today until 30 June 2006
Link :
Publication Date : Wed, 3 June 2006 10:00:00 GMT

RSS is mostly an isolated file on website which can view by using any browser. However, it will not be displayed properly as the XML tag will be shown because web browsers in general do not recognize this protocol. To view RSS feeds, an RSS Aggregator is required. RSS Aggregator software looks quite similay to mail or newsgroup viewing program. Its left panel desplays source of information while the right panel displays the details of selected item from loft panel. One of the most popular RSS aggregators is RSS Reader. You can download this software from On web pages, RSS feeds are typically linked with on orange rectangle with the letter "RSS" XML or "XML"

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