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Mail Washer

This filtering and clean-up mail service is for organizations that have an internal mail server, but need anti-spam and anti-virus systems to filter incoming Internet mail and companies who would rather not spend money on the installation and maintenance of their own anti-spam and anti-virus software.

The service provides a completely secure anti-spam and anti-virus program. The Mail Gateway system will scan and return any incoming mail instantly where there is no sender address or if sender is on a black list, including wrong address or cancelled address of receiver. All incoming mail will be scrutinized by the anti-spam program from SpamAssassin to detect any possible spam mail and indicate 'Spam' as the mail subject, before sending the mail to NOD32 and Vexira's anti-virus program to scan for viruses in the mail or attached files, so they can be cleaned up before sending to user's mail server. This service updates its virus database daily.

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