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Internet Phone System : Part 1

Making phone calls through Internet is gaining an important role in companies and organizations. There are several types of Internet phone system such as Internet Telephony. IP Telephony, VoIP (Voice over IP), VoWLAN ( Voice over Wireless LAN), VoBB (Voice over Broadband) and IP PBX, each works under different standards and procedures. Novertheless, they all share the same major objective to transmit voice conversations over a internet or other network using TCP/IP protocol in order to minimize traditional call costs and add value to existing network infrastructure.

The Internet phone systme is generally know as VoIP or Voice over IP which supports both voice communications and fax transmissions. This technology is also called IP Telephony. The technology involves sending voice information, fax or other information in form of data packets over packet switching or data switching network by using TCP/IP protocol. Traditional telepnone network or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) uses circuit-oriented technology which becomes less popular due to higher cost and limited capacity in terms of media sharing. The packet switching network leverages connectivity among different networks as well as reduces cost of usage and maintenance because the cost of Internet usage nowadays is relatively low and stable. Moveover it allows worldwide connection without any extra cost.

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