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Internet Phone System : Part 4

Benefits of VoIP

  • Cost saving This is the direct benefit of using VoIP as the existing connection between branches and offices can be used. Moreover, it's easy to manage the budget as the expense in marking calls between offices and branches shall be reduced dramatically.
  • Mobility With VoIP technology, more flexibility can be achieved compared to the usage of fixed lines. In the past, a phone number is designated for an employee. However, when s/he moves to the new department or office or even go outside the office, s/he will not be able to pick up the phone. At present, with VoIP technology, one can use the same number everywhere s/he could connect to the network. The number can be configured as a Virtual Number. In this case, one can talk over either a normal telephone, a mobile phone that supports this technology, or other mobile devices such as notebook or PDA that has the software installed.
  • Increased Productivity VoIP can be used with existing devices such as PABX, Router, and Switch to maximize the productivity of those devices.
  • Improved Level of Services Some organizations that regularly contact with branches in remote area or those that provide Call center service can make use of VoIP so that all calls are made through the centralized VoIP system. This could save long distance call expense and better support the call center service.
  • Easy to Manage VoIP Technology is a software-based technology which is easier to manage. Remote management is available in forms of windows application, linux, or web-based management.
  • Ready for Future VoIP Technology is expected to be more common in the future as it could support larger number of users and has high level of interoperability across different communications devices such as mobile phone, PDA, and notebook that could use VoIP application software.

ѹ 19 - 06 - 2006  

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