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Internet Phone System : Part 5 (Requirements of VoIP)

Requirements of VoIP

Normally, VoIP for personal use will only require a soft phone application such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger. However, for corporate VoIP that integrates with PABX, there are a few more additional requirements which include :

  • VoIP Gateway This is a device that connects the telephone, PABX and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with the Internet. There are different protocols for VoIP gateway such as H.323, SIP or MGCP. VoIP interface or VoIP Gateway Box. These devices have a wide variety in the number of ports. They could connect to the telephone or facsimile through FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) port and connect to PABX through FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) port. IP-PABX device can also be used for VoIP application.
  • SIP Server or Gatekeeper This is the server that controls and manage connection between VoIP Gateway devices or the connection among computers or devices with VoIP software. In certain VoIP devices, SIP Server or Gatekeeper software is already embedded. Therefore, there id no for external SIP Server. Some Internet service providers are also providing SIP Server service to determine the phone number in use instead of using IP Address. In this case, the SIP Server will automatically perform IP mapping which is suitable for those who are working in NAT network or in the environment where IP address is changing all the time.
  • VoIP Software or Soft phone For those who are using VoIP through their computers of PDAs, the software that supports VoIP or IP Telephony in order to communicate with the same device at the other end.

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