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Internet Phone System : Part 6 (Cost of VoIP)

Cost of VoIP

  • Personal VoIP can be utilized through the use of VoIP software sith some or without software cost. In case of private use among offices, only additional requirement will be the VoIP device. However, in connecting with other network. For example, in connecting with PSTN, there will be phone line rental and calling expenses. This is normally found in organization with officers in different provinces. When call is made from headquarters to any number in the provider that their provincial office has VoIP Gateway, the call charge will be the same as calling from the same province. On the other hand, when calling from the provincial officers, the call charge will be considered as calls that are made within the same area.
  • In marking overseas calls, if the company does not have VoIP gateway in the destination country, it is necessary to use the service of overseas VoIP Gateway provider. The service fee varies upon providers. However, the call cost is ganerally lower than using traditional phone calls.
  • The cost of VoIP maintenance should also be considered. There will be an annual fee in case of IP-PABX. The fee also varies upon the distributor.

ѹ 21 - 06 - 2006  

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