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Internet Phone System : Part 7 (Future of VoIP)

Legal Consideration

Nowadays the law allows the applicatins of personal VoIP or those that connect between computers or among VoIP Gateway. However, it still does not permit VoIP that connects with PSTN and dose allow calls to public phones either domestic or international.

Future of VoIP

In the future, VoIP tends to replace the existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The voice communications will primarily depend on Leased line and Broadband Internet. On the other hand, the Wireless Broadband will be the network that support wireless VoIP. At present, we can see that there are some mobile phones or PDAs that supports VoIP and have embeded wireless LAN or Wi-Fi features. This allows them to conveniently utilize Wi-Fi and Hotspot services as well as the Wireless LAN in the office. This technology which is called VoWLAN or Voice over Wireless LAN provides an enhanced portability and mobility for users. Target users of this technology are mainly in service sector. For example, in hotel chains those who will benefit from this technology is suitable for doctors and nurses who always have to visit patients in different rooms including nursing staff who have to move patients into different locations in the hospital. People in business sector who have mobile lifestyle, marketing staff, cargo staff, and logistics staff will also greatly benefit from this technology.

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