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What is IPTV ?

Today, Internet Tips will discuss about IPTV, the new technology tread coming attractions. (IPTV : Internet Protocol Television) This is a new service available in television and mobile phone businesses, integrated with Internet technology to maximize the communication values by providing them as Video on demand. The service allows users to select the specifix time to watch the program of their own choice. The users can also personalize their own choice. the users can also personalize their own program via computer controlling.

The IPTV has come to the attraction of leaders in mobile phone businesses in Canada Europe, Asia and some specific area in America. It can provide both video and audio streaming, transmitting and receiving data via Internet Protocol (IP). The IPTV service is now available in Thailand at, providing programs from channel 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ITV and MTV. The users may also watch the programs that have broadcasted. TV Reply , Online Karaoke, Pay Per View, Video on Demand, E-learning and variety of other services are also available to serve the IPTV consumer's need.

ѹ 23 - 06 - 2006  

Internet Tips ͧ  
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