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Wireless Broadband Service (The Future of WiMAX Technology)

The Future of WiMAX Technology

At present, there are several device manufacturers who support and manufacture devices interoperable with WiMAX. The official standard for WiMAX is called IEEE 802.16. The current extensions of this standard are 802.16d and 802.16e. 802.16d is capable of providing up to 75 Mbps transmission on band spectrum lower than 11 GHz while 802.16e supports up to 30 Mbps transmission on band spectrum in 2 - 6 GHz range, according to specifications of device manufacturers. Although WiMAX can not be applied in Thailand due to legal restrictions, it is used in several countries to provide Wireless Broadband services in areas with difficulties in laying wired infrastructure such as remote areas or mountainous areas. Some countries have started to provide the service to home users over WiMAX network by creating the service network which covers the whole city. In this case, the user has to install the device at home and need to rent a WiMAX receiver (an antenna or a receiver dish) from service provider in the same manner as when subscribing Cable TV because the cost of equipment is quite high.

In the future, many types of client devices will be developed to support WiMAX network such as notebook, PDA, and Ethernet Card which enables desktop computer to connect with WiMAX. The development is made to support higher level of portability to meet growing trend towards mobile lifestyle. WiFi technology has been developed significantly up to today in terms of efficiency, distance and portability. Considering the technical details of WiMAX, the installation of the network is done in the same fashion as a cellular mobile phone network which consists of a network of cells. In the future, it is expected that Wireless Internet or Wireless Broadband will also cover Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet Broadcast TV (IPTV), Video Conference and Collaboration. Users will have the convenience of accessing the service from anywhere and WiMAX would one day become the platform for every communications system.

ѹ 27 - 06 - 2006  

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