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Ethernet Service

Corporate internet connectivity service nowadays is available over a wide variety of media such as copper line, dial-up, or ISDN at a speed ranging from 56 - 128 Kbps, ADSL with send/receive speed at 1.5 - 9 Mbps / 16 - 640 Kbps and G.SHDSL (G.991.2) with data transfer speed ranging from 192 Kbps - 2.31 Mpbs. In addition, there is a leased line connectivity service with Point to Point media connection between service provider and subscribers. An example of leased line service is DTM which supports data rates of 1.544 Mbps - 2.048 Mbps per one T1 or E1 carrier. However, this service is subject to a considerably high expense. Recently, there are some more variations of leased line circuits which employ different technologies such as Frame Relay, VDSL, Gigabit Ring, and Metro LAN. These services can be offered at a lower fee as some resources like core network or backbone are shared. The networks are interconnected like a ring; most of them are fiber optic networks which will connect with copper wire network at users location where the modem and router are installed. As it is likely that these equipments support different data transfer rates, every time a larger bandwidth is required, the new set of equipment needs to be replaced and reconfigured. Some more commonly witnessed problems are signal interference and contention ratio of more than 1:1. Note that contention ratio may vary upon each service providers policy.

Thanks to the Ethernet technology, an alternative to existing services is created. The service is widely known to be provided through Violin (Global Crossing Services Co., Ltd.) optical Metro Ring network infrastructure, covering all general areas. Besides, with contention ratio of 1:1 offered, users can enjoy maximum speed around the clock and be satisfied with lower fee compared to leased line service. Another advantage over leased line service or other types of service is that the provider will lay the fiber optic cable from its location to the users location and install the Ethernet Switch, which is instantly capable of supporting the speed ranging from Megabit to Gigabit level, for the user. This means the user has a direct connection to the Ethernet service. Thus, no stack protocol or any extra equipment is needed. (However, the user can still connect with the router, if needed.) This ensures maximum performance at a lower cost.

Major Advantages of Ethernet

    1. Ethernet is an established and widely recognized technology which is compatible with Local Area Network (LAN). It can directly be connected with LAN by using Ethernet Switch and can readily support high speed transmission, no router equipment required.

    2. Ethernet is the technology that allows us to create virtual circuit or VLAN. The VLAN is significant in that it is capable of separately defining speed and Quality of Service of each virtual circuit and capable of managing each circuit as if it is a dedicated line.

    3. As the cable is laid directly between the provider and the user with the Fast Ethernet Switch installed at users location, the problem of electromagnetic interference is eliminated. With fiber optic cable, the user can request for an upgraded bandwidth without having to rewire or change any equipment because fiber optic cable can already support high speed data transmission. Moreover, the fiber optic wire is proven to be more robust and has a longer life than copper wire.

    4. Ethernet costs lower because the network equipment costs are generally many times lower other technologies and those equipments are easier to maintain.

    5. Ethernet can promptly support data rates from Megabit to Gigabit level. The core network is a Metro Ethernet Ring of which routing recovery can be done immediately when the fiber optic cable is broken, which is much faster in comparison with other technologies.

    6. Users can exploit 100% bandwidth around the clock because of dedicated virtual circuit coupled with 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantee and 24 hours @ 7 days service operation which covers assistance regarding both fiber optic network and Ethernet Switch.

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