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Technology : Ready Ethernet

Ready Ethernet is an Ethernet service currently provided in Bangkok's leading office buildings. "Violin" has installed extensive Optical Fiber network within each building and connect with the main 10 Gbps Metro Ring network outside the building. Every network is connected togerther with 2 parallel fiber optic interconnect technology and 100 % bandwidth backup, ensuring instant recovery if the broken cable problem occurs.

Ready Ethenet provides high speed service starting at 1 Mbps with cable optic connection from end to end, resulting in higher reliability and durability compared to copper wire infrastructure 1:1 contention ratio guarantees that the user can send and receive data at highest speed around the clock. Moreover, Ready Ethernet makes it easy for customer to expend the bandwidth to meet future needs because the fiber optic equipment and network can support the speed of up to 1 Gbps. The service is provided through (Network Management System).

The Metro Ethernet Network equipment and Customer Equipment provided are high quality products under the same brand. Therefore, network management system can efficiently monitor the service status.

ѹ 28 - 07 - 2006  

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