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Technology Trend

Today the Internet-based data transfer is highly welcomed in businesses. The security of those data transmission and the ease of use are what the company and organization concern most. VPN or a Virtual Private Network is therefore the tool that meets their requirement. The VPN supplies Internet network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance between a user's home and his company (remote access). The most 2 VPN technologies that are used today are:

1. IPSec VPN (IP Security VPN) is to create simultaneous 'VPN Tunnels' as a data transmission route from a user and the network in his or her workplace. The home user can access to any data source just the same as when they log on to the network at the organization. The VPN Client is used here for security protection.
2. SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer VPN) was developed from IPSec VPN, to skip the difficulty in VPN Client installation. After logging on to the Internet, a web browser will be functioned as an authentication tool to the 'SSL VPN' information. By logging in users will be able to access the information in the organization network without having to install any other software in their PC, allowing an easy and convenient connection. However, the disadvantage of the technology is that cost of the device is higher than the IPSEC

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Internet Tips ͧ  
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