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G.SHDSL technology and service (Part 1)

In the past, the demand in using the Broadband Intetnet Access or BB Hype has continued to increase rapidly, resulting in the expansion of the broadband network to answer the needs of the customers. Due to the Economy of Scale, the technology cost has decreased and does the cost per unit of bandwidth. To put it differently, the customers can get the better service with the same price on the IP/MPLS platform, compared to the traditional technology (TMD, HDLC, Frame Relay and ATM). This results in the increasing needs of the high speed transfer rate.

When carefully considered the applicable feature of the Broadband Access it, in general, refer to receiving and transferring data or asymmetrical which the download rate is higher than the upload rate, or to put it differently customer download more than upload the information. The Network Service Provider : NSP, however, cannot deny the existence of the application that depend upon the equal rate of upload and download on order to work effectively the application though the broadband network or IP/MPLS.

Putting together all the reasons mentioned above and the upstream data transfer limitation of ADSL which was around 1 Mbps. and the price gap, for the connectivity with the speed not more than 10 Mbps. (VDSL) or the price of the connectivity with the speed more than 10 Mbps. along with the Metro LAN it is necessary to have some kind of service to fulfill the grap. And the answer to this question is G.SHDSL technology.

What is G.SHDSL

SHDSL (Symmetrical High-Speed Digital Subcriber Line) is an international standard that incorporates the best features of SDS (Symmetrical Digital Subcriber Line) and other technologies with the same standard which is ITU G.991.2 "Single-Pair High-Speed Digital Subcriber Line Transceivers". From the subscriber's point of view, G.SHDSL is superior than SDSL in terms of the power consuming, the distance, and the flexibility in the service such as the connectivity with Interface V.35 from Router Frame Relay of the user or LAN of direct user which router is not required. This way it will be more convenient for the users.

G.SHDSL is symmetrical or leased line that has the same upstream and downstream transfer rate. The operation is divided into 2 modes. 1. 2-wire data rates can run from 192 Kbps up to 2.312 Mbps. 2. 4-Wire data rates can run from 384 Kbps. to 4.624 Mbps. For this reason this service G.SHDSL is an appropriate service for corporate customers and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) which need to use the send and receive information service with the same transfer rate on IP/MPLS network.

Application on G.SHDSL
G.SHDSL is not only good and appropriate for corporate customers and SOHO (Business Users) which need Symmetric Access with high speed transfer rate but also is good for residential users.

The information is supported by Advance Datanetwork Communications Co., Ltd.

ѹ 16 - 10 - 2006  

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