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Why advertising with us?

Currently there are more than 40 million websites registered on the Internet. Unless they know your exactly web address. they will never find your site. So, let's make a change for other people reach your website by us.

As a directory for Phuket business and surrounding areas, here are some benefit in advertising your site banner with Phuket Today

  1. Sales opportunity on the Internet (over 150 million users)
  2. Eliminate unnecessary expenses such as administrative cost, staffing, printing, reconnecting, and stock.
  3. Full color display
  4. 24 hour sales opportunity and ability to quickly update information.
  5. Corporate image of advanced technology.
  6. Direct marketing on the Internet through Secure Server (SSL).

Advertising Solutions

Ad Position: Banner

1. Hot Promotion Banner (Code: PKB-HP)
3,000 - 18,000
2. Hotel Search Listing Banner (Code: PKB-HS)
3. Property Search Listing Banner (Code: PKB-PS)
4.Directory Listing Banner (Code: PKB-DB)
5. Visitor Guide Banner (Code: PKB-VG)
Ad Position: Listing

1. Directory Listing (Code: PKL-DL)
2. Yellow Pages FREE Listing (Code: PKL-YP)
Ad Position: Editorial List

1. Phuket Biz News (Code: PKE-BN)
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