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In southern Thailand, accommodation options range from the relatively humble hotels are bungalow-style resorts to exclusive, super-luxury, discreet affairs catering to the most discerning travelers. You can make your choice depending on the type of holiday you prefer. Some accommodations are in the heart of the night life, on a quiet beach , or even up on a hill for a vantage view of the sea and srunning offshore islands.

During the high tourist season (October to February) , booking is absolutely essential, while large discounts are available during the low season. As ever, it's always best to phone ahead and try to bargain hard.

Phuket Town
If you want some insights into the daily life of the Thais, stay at Phuket Town. Here, hotels are much cheaper and the choices wider compared to those in the more touristy districts like Patong. Despite its busting shops and busy roads, the town has its old town charm. Of particular interest are its Chinatown areas like Thalang Road where one can see splendid, turn-of-the-century houses of Sino-Portuguese architecture.

For those without budget constraints, Phuket Town provides several first-class hotels. There is Metropole, which has over 400 rooms, convention facilities, and an exquisite marble lobby. Being in the centre of town, shopping and amenities are just a few steps away. Another popular place is The Royal Phuket City Hotel, which stands out for its sevice and facilities.

Patong Beach
Patong is Phuket's most popular beach. Here the activities of a colorful outdoor lifestyle attract thousands of tourist looking for a beautiful beach by day, great food in the evening and some rollicking entertainment to finish it off. Patong is particularly famous for exotic night life of a kind not found in many other places.

Very few hotels here are right on the beach. A road runs most of the length of Patong. And directly accross this road, only a few meters away and facing the beach, sit many hotels. Check carefully if you want proximity to the beach; some hotels are set way back from the beach, with a long walk to the sands.

There are far too many luxury resorts in Patong to list in detail. They all typically offer first-class rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centres - everything a visitor could ever desire while on vacation.

Kata/Karon Beach
Phuket's second most popular beach area also provides a blend of upscale accommodations and affordable bungalows.
And with fewer visitors, these beaches provide somewhat of a sanctuary compared to the hustle and bustle of Patong.

Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort
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