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Phuket is a great place for entertainment and night life.

Tourist Safety

Since the catastrophic tsunami in December, 2004, the Thai authorities have installed a sophisticated warning system to alert the public of possible incoming tsunamis. While on or near the beach, if you hear loud alarm sounds being broadcast over the entire beachfront area, please consider the need to evacuate the beach area immediately. Aside from protecting yourself from natural disasters, there are some things travelers to Thailand should watch out for. Pickpockets are more likely to be found in tourist areas, on buses, at festivals, and at boat harbors, so keep an eye on your valuables. Bring only what you have to, and leave all valuables in your hotel safe. Credit card fraud is not uncommon in Thailand, so be cautious with your cards, even those left in your hotel room and allow them to be used only at reliable places of business Visitors have also been robbed after a stanger who has befriended them, slips a sleeping drug in their food or beverage. Do not accept foof or drink from strangers. Tours or shopping bargains - if you do go on a tour or dive, try to do so with a reputable company.


Patong Beach is the center of all tourist oriented nightlife on Phuket. Here, located within a half kilometer's radius of Soi Bangla, are hundreds of small bars, pubs, gay bars, and go-go bars. Clearly, with so much variety on offer, these bars are the most popular destination for nighttime activity. They give the town its unique flavor of a lively, fun place until long after the sun goes down. Patong Beach features some great discos too.

There are many categories to enjoy yourself in this city and here are some of them:

Bar / Beer Bar
A lot of bars selling drinks(mostly beer) and there are music and bar girls to chat and entertain you. The drinks are not expensive.

A-Go-Go Bar
In-door, air-conditioned bar with comfortable seats or stools, most of tourists prefer to drink beer or whisky, chat with bar girls, and see a lot A Go-Go dancing.

The English style pubs are popular among business man, tourists, and foreigners. Many pubs are in the hotels and several Thai pubs are located in Bangkok.

There are many discotheques, either in the hotels, or in huge cavernous halls around the city. Laser technology and superb hit sounds, and music by DJs are very exciting.

Music Lover and Live Band
For those who like the romantic climate, or to enjoy the music with dimly lit atmosphere. it is advisable to go to hotels and good restaurants, and sometimes the lobby lounge of first class hotels.

Drinking and singing "Karaoke-style" among friends and with hostesses is very popular among Japanese and Thai people. Several cocktail and Karaoke lounges have common room and private rooms for this enjoyment with TV or large projector screen.

Cabaret Show
Cabaret shows are available in the hotels and in special cabaret theater.

3rdStreet Cafe
Sphinx Restaurant and Theatre
Restaurant and Theatre
Simon Cabaret Show
Simon Cabaret
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